Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I’m super surprised my pants aren’t aflame  as I type this.  Actually there’s a reason for that. I didn’t actually lie, per se…  I did, however  change my mind. 

I will not be starting my weight-loss challenge on Monday, as previously stated.  I will be starting Wednesday,  May 1st. Simple, clean and streamline.  Just the way I like things. Much easier to keep  track of things if we start at the beginning of a brand spankin’ new month!

Got my stuff in the mail yesterday so I’m all set there. A trip to the store for a couple things before Wednesday and weighing/measuring and we are all set to go!!

Who’s with me?!?! Come on now, don’t be shy…I’ll be back Wednesday to update y’all on the happenings (If I dont see you before).

Hugs n Prayers
Jo  xoxo

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  1. Hotly Spiced

    Enjoy your last few days! Looking forward to hearing all about the diet though – I’m intrigued you’ve had to order in special supplies xx

  2. Jo (Post author)

    They want you to eat very specific things, it’s actually kind of weird. Thankfully it isn’t anything too expensive or exotic as to not be able to afford it or find it. I’m getting excited now!! xo

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