Such A Mess!!

OhMyGosh! My house is such a disaster area right now.  Between not having enough room for everything and not feeling good enough to keep up with the housework for a while now, my house looks like a tornado has gone through it.

I think we need a smaller computer desk, that would give us more room in our living room area.  And some of those cable ties for all the computer cords and stuff would be nice to keep them all nice and neat and organized so they aren’t all crazy and flung all over the place.

Then if we had some plastic tubs for all the Wii games and Play station games and that in the corner, that would free up some space in the living area, too.  AAAAHHHH….The thought of having more room!! It makes me happy!!!

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  1. Carmen

    Much better you’d post a picture of your home. So that we could give you of some suggestion. But then thanks for the effort you’ve given.
    Carmen recently posted..Tips To Become PregnantMy Profile

  2. Crystal

    I actually can relate to you because sometimes, my house is such a mess and I need to clean almost two days…Anyway, we just need patience for it…
    Crystal recently posted..I Am LanguageMy Profile

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