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Hi Guys!

So, Spring has finally sprung. It was nearly 80 degrees here yesterday, It was gorgeous! I don’t think I’m quite ready for summer yet!  :)

It is right around the corner though.  The summer season is going to be here before I know it…camps will be under way and I will be so busy I won’t know whether I’m coming or going!

I have been super busy over at Making all kinds of good stuff over there.  Gluten-free, (refined) sugar-free.  All kinds of goodies over there.  Trying to lose some weight still.  It’s a slow go. I think that is part my age, part not being able to exercise much, part not always eating right… I’ll get there eventually.  :)

How are YOU?  I hope all is well!!

Blessings!  xo

New Stuff Going On

I know I haven’t been blogging here much lately, but to be fair, I did tell you this would be happening.  I have some really cool stuff going on over at  Stuff I’m super excited about!  I just tried signing up  to be an official blogger for The Gluten and Allergen Free Expo coming up in April.  They have a few across America, but the one I was trying to sign up for is in Chicago.  It happens to be the one that’s closest to me.  Obviously that’s why I wanted to sign up for that one.  But the one in Chicago wasn’t listed as an option to pick so, I sent them an e-mail asking why.  They haven’t responded yet.  I’m assuming it’s because it’s just around the corner and I didn’t sign up in time. Maybe next year…

I did, however get to enter a contest to win free tickets to the Expo! So I’m excited about that! So even though I won’t be an official blogger for the big Expo, I still might get to go. And you can bet your bippy, I’ll be blogging about it!  So, maybe they’ll see my work and that will help my chances next year and there on out!  :)  Now I just have to convince my hubby that I NEED to go to this.  It will be a HUGE opportunity for me and my blog to meet fellow food bloggers and to get my name out there to companies…I should get some business cards made up!!  :)

I don’t want to get too excited, in case he says no or in case I don’t win the tickets because I don’t want to get my hopes up and not be able to go… that would stink!  But I’m still excited…I can’t help it!!  This would be so great for my blog!  :)

So anyway, I’ve been super busy over there and foodgurly is really growing, so its been great. Please, head over there and follow me over there and make sure you subscribe by e-mail so you never miss a post!  :)

I also have a Facebook Page. You can follow me on Twitter. Follow me on Google+. And  I am on Pinterest and Instagram as well!! 

Catch ya lata!  ;)  xoxo


I’m trying to figure out what I want to do for camp.  Normally I make the brochures, newsletters and postcards in a program on my computer then send them to a local print shop for printing, cutting and folding.  They send them back and we mail them out. The last postcard I made on an online program, they printed them, cut them and sent them to me.  We are still in the process of getting them mailed because of a computer program problem.

I guess there are several online brochure printing companies.  Some of them let you do everything, then they print them and send them to you.  Some of them have you send in your media, times, dates, prices, whathaveyou. Then they do everything for you, send a proof for you to approve and then go from there.  Me personally, I like to do everything myself.  It’s more fun that way.  But if I could save money using a site where they do the work, it might be worth letting them do it. I don’t know…

Which would you use? The one where you do the layout  or the one where they do it and send you a proof?

Speak to me…  xoxo


I have been wearing glasses or contacts for as long as I can remember.  My dad wears glasses, my brother and sister both wear glasses. My husband wears glasses…even my daughter wears glasses.  Pretty much all my relatives do, too.  I guess it’s a hereditary thing to have bad eyes site!

It’s not cheap to have to go to the eye doctor and then get glasses or contacts every year or two.  We have had insurance and then not had insurance and then had insurance….it’s not fun having to keep your whole family in glasses when you don’t have insurance, let me just tell ya that!  Even at the least expensive places, it all adds up!

I love when you can find great deals online like the great eyeglasses here.  I love the many different styles they have for adults, kids, men and woman… it’s awesome! I’ve been at the eye doctor before where I’ve only had a choice between a few different frames and that’s just no fun.  I like a big selection to choose from.  Lots of colors, shapes and sizes.  That way I can choose the perfect pair!

What kind of glasses do you like?  Dark, light, small, large? Contacts, maybe?

Speak to me!  ;)  xo


Today is the first day of Spring.  I will believe it when I see it.  LOL  This has been a COLD winter! With a LOT of snow.  Some of the back roads where we live were down to single lanes for most of the month of February because the snow plows couldn’t keep up with all the snow.  Mountains of snow were plowed into the trees on the sides of the road because there was no where to go with it, there was just too much.

I am too young to remember the last time we had this much snow.  It was back in 1978, I guess. I would have been 3.  Yeah, not remembering that winter.  :) I do remember a winter when my son was a baby. It got up to 70º F. one day in January! Yeah, it was nuts! He was outside plating in a t-shirt and diaper, it was so warm outside! The trees were all bare and the grass was all dead….but it was warm and sunny! Crazy…

Now it can’t make it’s mind up what it wants to do…one day it’s almost 50º F. and sunny, the next it’s 20º F. and sleeting.  I am so ready for warm weather to STAY!! The kids have to make up like 4 days of school I think.  At this rate, they’ll be going to school til July if they miss anymore!! I kid, I jest…

Come on SPRING!!!!  Have a fabulous day friends…xoxo

Musical Taste

If you know enough people you will find that people often have a far reaching, often greatly varying taste in music.  Some like easy listening.  Some like rock and roll.  While still others like classical.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why, that I can come up with.  People born and bred in the south grow up to like rock and roll even though they have been brought up on country and blue grass.  City slickers who have listened to hip hop and rap all their lives decide they are country boys and listen to nothing but Taylor Swift and George Jones.

It’s a mystery to me.  I guess the same goes for what people decide they want to play themselves, as far as instruments.  One might think a kid with a mohawk and multiple piercings might be playing something like this axl (electric guitar) and are shocked when they see him playing a trombone or tuba in the marching band.

Sometimes things just don’t appear to make sense…You know the old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Yeah…

MMmhhmm… xo


I am pumped!!

Y’all need to get your butts over to foodgurly and check out the giveaway I’ve got going on over there!!

Less than two months old, my baby blog is and I’m already having a giveaway!  How awesome is that?!?

I am very excited guys! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 

Anywho… Giveaway starts at midnight!!!  Get over there and check it out!!! 

See you there!!!


So I’m not as bad as I used to be about this kind of stuff. My health has made me become a little more slack on things than I used to be.  That and the fact that the house I live in is just over half the size of my previous house.  I have had to get used to clutter and having things out and all over the place.

Before my health kinda went downhill, everything had it’s place and the house was almost always clean. I never worried about people stopping by or anything like that.  Now I hope and pray people call before they come over so I can at least wipe the guest bathroom down and run a dust cloth over the TV and coffee table. LOL 

I am of the opinion that everything has it’s place. If you have a piano and piano books, the piano books belong in the piano bench.  If you have drums the drumsticks belong in the drumstick caddy from musicians friend;) Especially if you live in a small space, it is important that everything have it’s place and that everything be put in it’s place.  MY problem….I’ve RUN OUT OF PLACES!!!! 

Best of luck to you and your stuff… ;)  xo

So cool

So Udi’s sent me a bunch of goodies to review over on  How cool is that? I’m stoked. I already tried some of of the stuff and so far I’m pretty impressed! Who knew eating gluten-free could be so easy and yummy?!?!

I am finding it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be to go gluten-free. It might hurt the pocket-book a bit, but it’s actually pretty darn tasty! Head over to the new blog and check it out!!  ;)

See ya over there!! :)  xoxo

*Taps The Mic* Is this thing on???

Do you know anything about microphones? I know very little about them, but my hubby knows quite a bit.  He’s bought one or two for church. He knows how to use the equalizer thingy in the PA room and all that jazz. He’s a pretty smart guy.  :)

I know they have cordless, corded, lapel mics… and more specifically, they have behringer microphones at Guitar Center. :)

So there you have it. My limited knowledge about microphones. And my husbands unlimited knowledge about….everything.  ;)

See ya on the flip side.  xoxoo

Going Gluten Free

I am slowly but surely headed toward my totally gluten-free lifestyle.  My goal is to be totally there very soon. My goal was March 1st, but that didn’t happen. I don’t know why I don’t just STOP eating things I know are going to just make me miserable. It would be the smart thing to do.

I know before I put it in my mouth that bread is going to give me a tummy ache and yet, I make myself a pb&j sandwich…how smart is that? Yeah I know.  You don’t have to tell me. DUMB!!! That’s the worst part of it all. I KNOW!! But I do it anyway.

In other news, my sister got a touch screen phone today. Her first.  She hadn’t even left the store before she called me to let me know she got it. Hilarious, that one.  I love her to pieces. She’s been wanting a new phone for a while now, but didn’t have the money for one til now.  She said she wasn’t getting a touch screen one but then when she called she said she got one. I think she got an LG Optimus Logic. She upgraded from a flip phone. Yeah, it was time…

Let’s see what else is going on… The new blog is doing really well!   I finally found a layout I like.  I am getting more and more visitors and page views each day, which is exciting.  I encourage you to go to FoodGurly and check it out!!  

I guess that’s about it for now…

Stay cool… I’m out!!  ;)  xoxo


We have to print a lot of things here at camp. We put out a few newsletters each year. Postcards go out a few times a year and we also send out flyers for events that are up and coming.  That’s a lot of paper and ink.  One might think that it’s cost effective to do your own printing at home/your place of work, but sometimes it really isn’t.

I have been doing some research and sometimes prices for wholesale printing are cheaper and sometimes your local print shop is a better savings. That isn’t to say that printing your own stuff never saves you money. It just depends on what you’re printing, if it needs to be photo quality, if it needs to be folded or if it needs to be in color… 

Lots of different options go into shopping around for printing prices.  It isn’t as simple as you might think!  I’m gonna go finish the newsletter for camp now…

See ya later!  ;)